Do you want to get your hands in the clay and learn how to handle the lathe and make your first pieces of ceramics or sculpture? This summer you have the opportunity. Enjoy a unique experience and learn ceramics in a natural, privileged environment, where they say the best clay in the world is, the lands of La Cepeda, in Astorga, León. This activity is ideal for people who suffer from anxiety and stress. Also, for those who want to promote their creativity, their artistic side and meet different people, with a sensitive side and open to the new. Take the opportunity and enjoy Crafts & Clay in the Spanish Countryside.

The workshops: They are given by the Cultural Association Educar al Arte de Gijón, in a beautiful farmhouse located in the small town of Cogorderos in León, which is 5 minutes from our beautiful farm, La Madrigata. Every morning you will walk along a beautiful path through the forest to reach your pottery school.  The teachers have more than 30 years of experience. 

What will you learn?

  1. To understand the raw materials of ceramics and modelling, clay, engobes, sigilata, glazes…
  2. To get to know and start handling the tools, the lathe, the furnace…
  3. Ceramic and modelling techniques.

Workshop dates: You can choose your week(s) from July 15th to August 24th.

Week 1: July 15-20Ceramics for ikebanas (Japanese floral art).
Week 2: July 22-27 Week 3: July 29 to August 3Week 2: Basic level of ceramics, with a focus on the natural environment and local raw materials.   Week 3: Advanced level of ceramics, moulds, glazing and firing techniques.
Week 4: August 12-17 Week 5: August 19-24Week 4: Basic level of ceramics, with a focus on the natural environment and local raw materials.   Week 5: Advanced level of ceramics, moulds, glazing and firing techniques.

Duration: Weekdays from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm and from 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm.

Accommodation: You will stay in the Madrigata, a farmhouse lovingly restored by its owners. It is in front of the Tuerto River with a river beach 100 meters from the house. It has a barbecue, several fireplaces, a garden and is decorated with great care. At La Madrigata there are 7 en-suite rooms with their own bathroom. Access the website to get to know this beautiful accommodation in detail: and if you want to see the interior and exterior of our accommodation you can watch this video.

Price of accommodation and workshop:

Payment method: When you book your place you pay us by bizum or bank transfer 200 and the rest is paid when you arrive. The training is paid directly at the ceramics school on the day of the start of the course.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner: you have two options. If you wish, you can cook yourself at La Madrigata and if you prefer to do nothing you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the ceramics school: 120€.

Why choose this course?

Places are limited. We look forward to seeing you! Book your place now and don’t miss out on this unique opportunity. Write me a message through whatsapp at 650781592 or send me an email at:

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